There is a family like sense of community around the St. Mary's project. From people who have been living in the neighborhood for over 50 years, their relatives and friends, long time greater Marlborough residents who care about their City, people who were part of St. Mary's Parish in its heyday or went to School there, to newcomers who decided to settle in Marlborough recently. From day one, the Marlborough community has shown strong support for the St. Mary's project.
"The 40 families at Waterwind Knolls are very impressed. I am overwhelmingly in favor of the project." Peg Bouvier chairwoman of the condominium association at Waterwind Knolls.
"As a native of French Hill, this is the absolute best use for the church." Ronald Guest
"The project is very important for the French Hill neighborhood." Patricia Pope City Councilor at Large
"This project has a certain sentimental value. I went to that school. I was baptized in that church. Nothing anchored that neighborhood more than that building. I don't think anything could better re-anchor that neighborhood." Arthur Bergeron